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NPSPAY Developers Program

Payfac, Referral & Partner Programs

Below is an overview of our API capabilities we have a RESTful API and other API’s that are easy to work with and integrate. Fill out our form and we can get you set up on call or zoom to go over your project and then get you set up with a Sandbox test account to work with. We will work with you to decide the best way to set up your project and assign you a developer to work with when you have questions.

Over 500 Intergrations


We are ready to work with Developers. We have a system that was put together with you in mind, with the help of Payment Experts.

Credit Card

Credit Card and ACH

Card Present and Non-Card Present Options

E-commerce Shopping Cart Integrations

Recurring Payments Tokenization

Fraud Management

High Risk Solutions



Virtual Terminal

Hosted Payment Pages

Security & Risk

Recurring Payments

Subscription Payments

Customer Database

Data intelligence

Testing and Certification


How do Developers benefit from the NPS Dev Program?

Development Team to assist with the integration

Card Present and Non-Card Present Options

Hardware Selection

Online Application

Payfac options for merchants in the same industry

Custom pricing for all your clients

Auto approval for all your merchants

Are you ready to get started?

Before you begin:

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We go over the scope of your project - sign an NDA and match you with someone on our development team and then we get to work on your project.

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